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Reverend Jen
The most notorious inhabitant of the LES returns to the RBMC, in a tag-team with the patron saint of the Collective Unconscious, Reverend Jen, to show their new, and quite timely collaboration, and more... "LORD OF THE COCKRINGS was directed by Nick Zedd and written by Saint Rev. Jen with original music by Spencer & Brer Brian. It tells the story of Scroto Baggins (Face Boy) a computer programmer from Secaucus with poor social skills and a stammer who accidentally buys a magical cock ring that transports him to Middle Earth, where he is enlisted by a beer fairy with gargantuan tits (*BOB*) to undertake a mission to save a tribe of elves from an evil wizard named Ganfelch (Mr. Lower East Side). PLUS !!! DO DO: EXILE IN TELETUBBYLAND tells the story of the unknown fifth teletubby, Do Do , whose downward spiral is portrayed by Saint Rev Jen; THE WHITNEY LEBLANC STORY documents the sordid travails of an NYU graduate hooker as she interacts with her alumnae; AND !!! Rev Jen performs a gay marriage in a clip from Toolz of the New School; an episode entitled Ozfest features Dirty Rockin Steve meeting Dorothy; a reprise showing of ELF PANTIES: THE MOVIE features Saint Rev Jen changing her unmentionables for G-rated fetishists!"

... in which the inimitable Bill Storz forwards to the RBMC a program of small gauge films film he recently presented at the Telluride International Experimental Film Festival: "A personal take on a memorable explosion of Super 8 filmmakers in Boston, circa 1986-89. Boston has long been home to a large and vital experimental filmmaking community. This program is a celebration of the depth and range of film work from a group of these artists, as well as a snapshot of a fortunate moment in time, when these makers were able to inspire, and help make each other. Featuring Saul Levine, Sam Durant, Amanda Katz Posner, Joe Gibbons, Anne Robertson, Laurie McKenna, Luther Price, Phil Solomon, and Mark Lapore (?)" - BS

Guest programmer Mark McElhatten will present a remarkable and rarely screened trilogy by Nathaniel Dorsky. With impeccable form and deep feeling (and some of the only work in his entire oeuvre to use both 24 fps projection and sound) these films commemorate the tentative shattering of the adolescent chrysalis, the emergent perspective of young adulthood. Ingreen (1964) "INGREEN is a reflecting pool of the underwater involvement of a mother-father-son relationship." (N.D.) Dorsky's first film quickly gained wide notoriety and respect . It was expelled from awards consideration at the Ann Arbor Film Festival due to it's auto-erotic content and presiding judge Gregory Markopoulos in solidarity with the film walked out in protest. A Fall Trip Home (1964) "The second in the trilogy, it is less a psychodrama and more a sad sweet song of youth and death, of boyhood and manhood and our tender earth." (N.D.) Summerwind (1965) A film of stilled yearning and clear eyed farewell. Nick once said that this was a film that could have been made by John Ford's son on acid. "A singularly direct and unpretentious evocation of summer life in Nathaniel Dorsky's home town. The number of that life's aspects so surely revealed, the range and thoroughness of observation, the sensual accuracy of the camera, the remarkably poetic use of slow motion, and the unhurried, meditative unfolding of episode, distinguish SUMMERWIND as a work of ripeness beyond its maker's years." - Ken Kelman


Drum Buddy
Tonight the RBMC presents several films and videos documenting the art of noise, and the noise of art. Entries to include: ARMOR OF GOD (Jim Haverkamp and Brett Ingram's portrait of Scotty, the only noise musician I know of who could double as a pastor); DRUM BUDDY (New Orleans superhero Quintron's fantastic neo-informercial for his optical drummachine and musical-instrument-for-today, the Drumbuddy); a reprise of Tony Ganz's fabulous MUZAK; CHETT GRANT: A PORTRAIT OF THE MAN (Fabio Roberti's musing on one of the great musical legends of our era. The man behind the music, really!); LAMINATION AS A VIRTUAL METAPHOR by Egnekn, Minister of Lamination (Gen Ken Montgomery),and Andrea, Enchantress of Bioluminosity (Andrea Beeman) ("Lamination as a Virtual Metaphor documents the history and preservation of ephemera by sound artist Egnekn, Minister of Lamination in the Kingdoms of Elgaland and Vargaland. His Lamination Rituals are a constantly evolving sonic listening experience which stimulate the mind and the body in the moment, while producing unique, tangible personal objects which will last . . . almost forever. No other activity more clearly demonstrates the grand sensation that indeed 'something is happening.'") and MORE!!!

All programs on Tuesdays at 9pm
at Collective Unconscious
145 Ludlow St., NYC

$5 Admission


All programs on Tuesdays at 8:30pm at Collective Unconscious, 145 Ludlow St.,NYC. $5 Admission

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