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Yet another installation of the RBMC "variety show." Our in-house archivasters have accumulated a burdensome backlog of cinephemera, all of which they have agreed to pit against one another in this "contest of champions"! A yet-to-be-announced guest host from the North American Chapter of the Society for Recreational Pyrrhonism will judge these worthy contestants, which may include A BOY AND HIS BIBLE, PSYCHIC PARROT, PICTURE W/ LEADER (via John Quackenbush), CARING FOR YOUR BABY, INTENSIVE GARDENING, and whatever you bring along! Stick around for valuable consolation prizes!

12 June - THE GANG OF FOUR (Lapp/Perlin/Fleming/Siegel)
At long last, these four intrepid filmmakers convene for a special screening at the RBMC: Sarah Jane Lapp, Jenny Perlin, Michele Fleming and Amie Siegel. HAPPY ARE THE HAPPY: YOUR BEST JOKE PLEASE by Sarah Jane Lapp and Jenny Perlin draws on the filmmakers' experience of working in a Bosnian refugee camp in the Czech Republic, focusing on the wry humor of the refugees they interviewed. Amie Siegel's THE SLEEPERS constructs a fragile narrative from moments glimpsed through apartment windows. Michele Fleming's LIFE/EXPECTANCY is a film-essay documenting "a women's midlife search for meaning," mediated by the objects and stories that populate her life. Most of the filmmakers will be present.

In honor of the late Rudy Burckhardt, the RBMC presents a program of several of his lesser known films, selected and hosted by his son Jacob. "These are films that I like a lot, that have something other, more zany, than the lyrical beauty of the Rudy Burckhardt films that are usually shown." - J.B. Titles to include: PARADISE ARMS ("A lady prepares for a night on the town while her escort awaits. It might be shocking, but maybe not these days."), DEFAULT AVERTED ("When New York was about to go bankrupt, all construction had stopped, and an architect tried to become a wrecker. The story of the demolition of a large factory building on 23rd and 6th, while daily business, funny or grimy, money or no money, goes on as usual all around."), AVENUES OF COMMUNICATION (with William Dunas, Red Grooms, and Taylor Mead), SOROCHE, PERU and RADS ON WHEELS ("Remember the skateboard craze? Made at its peak in Cherry Hill, New Jersey..."). Anecdotes, stories and memories from audience members are welcomed and encouraged. Jacob will be on hand to introduce the films and answer questions.

26 June - THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN (Rarely Seen Films & Videos by Established & Emerging British Artists)
The RBMC is pleased to present a program of rare British experimental films and expanded cinema, curated and hosted by Karen Mirza. Karen tells us that many of the films she'll be bringing with have never before shown in the USA. "The sub-title of the programme speaks for itself. Plotting a trajectory through such a large volume of works is a huge task, so I decided to start from a personal perspective of my ... recent past, present, past and future." -KM.
Artists and titles to include: David Leister, Guy Sherwin (NIGHT TRAIN, FLIGHT), David Hall (INTERRUPTIONS), John Smith & Ian Bourne (THE KISS), Mirz/Butler (NON PLACES), Nicky Hamlin (MINUTI, WHITE ROAD), Jake Astbury, Simon Payne (ALL THAT), Peter Gidal (ASSUMPTIONS, HALL), Emily Richardson (RED SHIFT), Annabel Nicholson, William Raban (SUNDIAL), Jayne Parker.

All programs on Tuesdays at 9pm at Collective Unconscious, 145 Ludlow St. NYC $5 Admission

All programs on Tuesdays at 9:30pm at Collective Unconscious, 145 Ludlow St.,NYC. $5 Admission

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