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Matt McCormick (Portland, OR) presents the (first ever?) peripheral produce show here in NYC. Matt's very "regular" all-media series is transplanted here for one night, with a whole passel of artists distributed by his ultra-cool Rodeo Filmco video distro warehouse. All Portland, all the time. You're likely to see: Vyrotonin Decision, joe p. bear, Stain and a clip from a new project by Matt himself, followed by Vanessa Renwick's The Yodeling Lesson, Miranda July's Atlanta, Labor Movement by Alain Letourneau, untitled by Brad Adkins and Knuckle Down by Sarah Marcus and Kate Hardy.

13 February - SPY VS. SPY
Tonight the RBMC presents a double header of Hampshire College cine-diarists: Brian Coffey and N.K.L. Young. Brian begins the program with Gatefold Ephemera, a Super-8mm double projection. "I shot one roll of S8 film every day for one month. Each day was conceived and edited to stand on its own. I was not concerned with there being a great deal of continuity between each piece. The film does not attempt to document and is not a journal in any traditional sense. Instead, the film is a collection of false starts, aborted attempts, and digressions. I always intended for the film to be a double projection and thought of the collection as a double album. And like all double albums, there is plenty of filler." Mr. Young follows with "two collections of his short movies interpreting haiku poems (19 poems in all)... 'VideoRenga' and 'CineRenga.' The movies take a bunch of approaches to interpretation of text to image, translations of forms, video and film 'hand-processing' and signal disruption and generational loss and format transfers.... fun too." You bet!

RBMC regular Glen Fogel presents a program of his own handprocessed super 8 films and film/video hybrids. Expect multiple projections, including a film on video projection (The Old and the New?). Titles include: Control Sequences (2001), Reflex (1999), Pressure System (2000), Coming Home (2000), Endless Obsession (2000) and Universal Leader (1999), plus more TBA. "In addition, I will be showing films that I feel have influenced my work... by Aaron Scott, Greta Snider, Luther Price, and Isabelle Riva. This list is almost definite but may be subject to change...."

Rounding out the shortest month, Konrad Steiner (SF) presents a program of his brilliant films. "What can you expect from California? Pretty pictures and nice music to whileaway the moments between other things you have to take care of -- just more entertainments for your waking pleasure. Or, if you prefer, minute analyses,experience residues and visual puns to loosen your grasp on reality." Titles include: The Big Change (Not exactly Bardo Follies), Remains (What the Berlin Wall meant to me, also: not exactly The Dead), 19 Scenes Relating to a Trip to Japan (dual projection version) (Don't conclude anything simple about the title), Floating by Eagle Rock / She is Asleep (An homage to the Pacific Rim and someone I met there), Bum Series (Montage to a poem by Leslie Scalapino) and Devil Egged (Montage to an unnamable guitar player's best solo ever).

All programs on Tuesdays at 9pm at Collective Unconscious, 145 Ludlow St. NYC $5 Admission

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All programs on Tuesdays at 9pm
at Collective Unconscious
145 Ludlow St., NYC
$5 Admission


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20 February)

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