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As an antidote to the words and deeds of the hucksters up for election today, the Society for General Philology focuses on the prosaic pleasures of the home movie. Singular examples drawn from our album of "memories" and contributions from our fellow travellers will surely assume their rightfully archetypal role. If we refrain from analysis, it is only because this first incarnation of the cinema, properly coaxed, always speaks to its mysterious provenance far more eloquently by its own devices. Watch the ego of a still-young nation coalesce in cheery company. Expect selections hailing from the 1930s to the present (or thereabouts), in every gauge we can muster. Fellow enthusiasts are encouraged to participate: we can accomodate 16mm, Super- and Regular-8mm (standard and 'scope), aficionados of the more intriguing formats (28mm, 9.5mm, etc.) must regrettably tote their own machines.

14 November - R.I.P. STORM DE HIRSCH
On October 6 of this year, cine-poet Storm de Hirsch shuffled off this mortal coil. We convene in the first of two scheduled memorial programs in her honor, the second of which Jonas Mekas will present shortly at Anthology. Tonight, M.M. Serra of the Film-makers' Coop - among others - will introduce several of Storm's films, including rarities from the FMC shelves. We encourage anyone who knew Strom to come and share their memories of her.

21 November - ZERO + 1 = 0
The semi-infamous James Fotopoulos of Chicago revisits New York with his first two features: ZERO at the RBMC tonight and MIGRATING FORMS at Anthology Film Archives on November 24-26 at 9pm. Grisly, abrasive and one of the few truly underground features we've seen in a good while, ZERO plays like a Brakhage/Morrisey directorial collaboration on a screenplay by Pasolini. A singularly vile young man stews in his dilapidated shack, spewing self-hatred and wearing his corrupt soul literally on his sleeve in the form of a suppurating tumor. His claustrophobic reverie is punctuated by nightmarish visions of distorted faces and writhing bodies and attempts to cut out his corruption with an old scalpel. A profoundly disturbing study in abjection and squalor, ZERO offers its own version of redemption. It's not to be missed.

Nov 28 Mark Street Guy Yarden
"Sliding off the Edge of the World: Mark Street and Guy Yarden serve up an evening of visual-acoustical splendor, careening from the sublime to the psychotronic with little notice. Mark Street's films attempt to expand film language, often retracing small forgotten moments using unexpected sound/image juxtapositions. He has consistently reworked the actual surface of film, bleaching, scratching and painting away at the emulsion to invite viewers into unfamiliar worlds. Guy Yarden's solo violin improvisations experiment with textural landscapes offset by melodic ramblings, discovering an imbedded musicality within the noise fabric. Films to be presented: Winterwheat, Blue Movie (with soundtrack music by Yarden), Missing Something Somewhere, Happy, Sweep, Triptych and Sliding off the Edge of the World (these last two pieces will accompanied live by Yarden). Guy Yarden will begin the evening with a a live solo improvisation and also provide several sonic interludes." - MS


All programs on Tuesdays at 9pm at Collective Unconscious
145 Ludlow St., NYC
$5 Admission


Brian Frye
Cooper Station Box 499
NYC, 10276-0499

Bradley Eros
123 Essex St., Box 53
NYC, 10002

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