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Jem Cohen's 15 years of light"Jem Cohen (NYC) presents an evening of many short Super 8 films - mostly unseen by the general public, and in some cases, never previously projected. These will be accompanied by live audio mixing of a reckless and unusual variety. Scenes of cities in glorious disarray (including our own, before the Rat Bastard decided it was really just for tourists). Streetside Brazilian umbrella repair. Trains to and from nowhere. The infant. The dirigible. The raising of the mysterious engine. 42nd st. in sad and beautiful limbo. People with no clothes, defying Gravity. Silent punk rock. 15 years of light in bits and pieces." - JC

back against the wall by JFOn the occasion of the premiere of his new feature "Back Against the Wall" at the New York Underground Film Festival, Chicago's favorite son - James Fotopoulos - presents a program of his short films, paired with their spiritual antecedents. In consultation with the cine-chirurgeons of the RBMC, Mr. Fotopoulos has carefully selected several films (precise titles TBA, contingent on availability and print quality) which inspire, reflect or otherwise inform his own singular vision. Artists may include: U.B. Iwerks, Napoleon Chagnon, Max Fleischer, Charlie Chaplin, Jean Rouch, Jim Trainor and Anonymous.

20 March - 8mm (FILM) PERFORMANCE
Tonight Taka Iimura (Japan/NYC) returns to the RBMC with another of his stunning film performances. "I had a first 8mm film performance back in 1963 at Naiqua Gallery, Tokyo with an old silent regular 8mm projector. For the performance, though there was no such term for art, and was called 'film concert,' I used the projector as an instrument. Changing the speed from 3-4 frames to the normal 16 frames per second, freeze the frame, reverse the projection, soft focus, and out of the framer, all of these devices were used. Since sound projector is fixed on the speed, only silent 8mm projector is capable to play. Last year in Tokyo, after nearly 40 years, I revived this 'film concert' calling this time '8mm film performance.'" - TI. Titles to be screened include: KUZU(Junk) (1962), DADA62 (1962), TAKA AND AKO (1966), WHITE CALLIGRAPHY (1967).

On the first stop (?) of his US tour, Florian Wuest (Germany) presents his new film essay OH MOTHER EARTH, DEAR FATHERLAND, "An experimental-documentary essay film about the iconography of remembrance in Germany, examining the powerful links between political symbolism and Christian iconography. The image of the sacrificed son in his mother's arms leads an associative collage comprised of my own recordings and found footage..." The Age of Aquarius has never looked this grim - or edifying. Just trust us. The program will also include Caspar Stracke's SAD SACK and Keith Sanborn's A PUBLIC APPEAREANCE AND A STATEMENT.

All programs on Tuesdays at 9pm at Collective Unconscious, 145 Ludlow St. NYC $5 Admission

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All programs on Tuesdays at 9pm
at Collective Unconscious
145 Ludlow St., NYC
$5 Admission


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