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2 October - The Terribly Wonderful Life of Stuart Sherman (1945-2001)
On September 14, 2001, one of our favorite artists and most loyal guest/patrons passed away in San Francisco. For this night in October we re-christen ourselves the Stuart Sherman Memorial Cinema in his honor. We'll be watching his films and videos, including rare and new documentations of his performances, listening to audiorecordings of his poetry, and more. Those who knew Stuart are invited to talk about him and discuss his artwork. Vitam cum Morte Mutavit!

9 October - Phantom of the Jazz Age
The Krazy Kat from San Francisco, Kerry Laitala, visits the RBMC with a program of her new movies, some fresh-minted from her time in Solitude. "Dear Brian. Greetings from this here Kat in San Francisco. I hope that we are still on for October 9th. I have a tentative proposal of films for you to consider. Here we go: Prelude for Secure the Shadow, Secure the Shadow, Awake, But Dreaming, Black Bile, Retrospectroscope, The Adventure Parade, Show of Early Cinema Lantern Slides, The Escapades of Madame X, Breathing for Others, Es Leigt Ans Dir (It's Up to You) and War To the Last Itch. Rest assured that the program will lapse in silliness as the night wears on." -K.L.

16 October - The Truth About the Disco Decade: Defining the '70s Through Classic Commercials
RBMC regular Dennis Nyback returns once again, enroute to Europe, with a fantastic program of wacky ads from the days of roller derby and "free" love. Extra-spiffy detergent, Diane Keaton applying deodorant, more cereal than Iowa, the Odd Couple playing Yahtzee, Pete Rose hawking Milk Duds, frozen vegetables to make Mamie Eisenhower squirm and"VD is for Everybody." We certainly hope not. Watch for your favorite banned feminine hygine products. Dennis will be on hand to explain it all (away). And be sure to mark your calendars - Mr. Nyback will be returning on November 13 with a program of Subversive Cartoons.

23 October - Another Schizo Out for a Walk: Guilt, Lust, Violence, Melancholy, Sex, Men and the Eternal (sic) Feminine
Chicago's Zack Stiglicz visits the RBMC with a program of his films and videos. "Or, luring to perfection. Tentative lineup: God the Pugilist - a gnostic rant shot at the Chichen Itza Ruins in the Yucatan; simultaneous viewing of the films Pompeii and Murder Will Out with the video Bent; and passages from a work with the ungodly long, working title of: The Sexual Economy of Risk ... (fucking with this Antichrist Illusion) ... and, then, an abyss slammed into our vision... - It starts out as a maniacal rendering of Slavoj Zizek's meditations on masturbation sustained by fantasizing... falls into bathhouse S/M... and then (out of terrible embarrassment) it lurches into a work made frantically out of necessity, out of feeling humbled by the shit that came down on all these poor souls... people jumping from buildings (God, why did this happen?)... a scream in the night unto trapped, suffocated Bodies (I can't get THEM out of my mind) Everything I have made over the last few years is touched by Godard: 'since I constantly fail to communicate... since each failure reminds me of my solitude...'" - Z.S.

30 October - Grabado por Edicion Luz y Verdad (Prelude to Halloween)
For the first time ever the RBMC will be presenting a special Halloween show (we usually desist out of respect for our favorite holiday.) This old-time presentation will include several fantastic condensations, including The Vampire and the Ballerina, the Pathe version of Faust and more. Our feature presentation will be the fantastic 1932 White Zombie starring the great Bela Lugosi. Watch for special surprises, and please do come "in costume!"


All programs on Tuesdays at 9pm at Collective Unconscious, 145 Ludlow St. NYC $5 Admission


All programs on Tuesdays at 9:30pm at Collective Unconscious, 145 Ludlow St.,NYC. $5 Admission

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