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The RBMC anticipates the anniversary of our national birthday with a program of films and videos by Marie Losier. "Bonjour Brian! Here is the list of videos in order of screening. As people come and sit and settle I will show a loop of a video called Chick-Chick. When the show starts I will show: Yesterday 5 o'clock (puppet animation), La Baignoire (drawing animation), Marie-onette (sort of the idea of animated puppets; me in puppet costume), The Touch Retouched, The Passion of Joan of Arc and Broken Blossom (videos by famous bad and good filmmakers in which I take off one of the actors and replace him or her by myself and remake the film with my own dialogue or performance) and also a documentary on the Warhol trip to Pittsburgh." - ML

In celebration of the release of his career retrospective DVD - Abnormal: The Sinema of Nick Zedd - the RBMC presents a recent selection of movies by the revolutionary filmmaker, writer and actor. The program features Zedd's brand-new Thus Spake Zarathustra, co-directed by Jon Vomit, based on the book by Friedrich Nietzsche and starring Nick Zedd, Jon Vomit, St. Rev. Jen, Pat Moonblood, Mattithius and Shaolin. The program will also include: I of K, Tom Thumb, Ecstasy In Entropy, Police State, Why Do You Exist, double-projection versions of Smiling Faces Tell Lies, Whoregasm, and War Is Menstrual Envy. In addition, Zedd will introduce two films by Andreas Troeger, Lifepack and Path, in which Troeger documents the world of paramedics and forensic pathologists with graphic footage of German autopsies and resuscitation techniques. "Xenomorphosis is what happens when the domain wall of an alternate universe crashes into your reality. Neurological re-engineering occurs." - NZ

Tonight the RBMC presents films by New York's own Luke Sieczek. Soon to leave for the midwest, Sieczek offers us a fare-thee-well performance of several brand-new films. Or as he put it: "Recent film and video in a program which proposes to navigate the various states of passage through natural, urban and phantasmal space. Expect to cross the thresholds of multiple screens and the gusts of sound collaborations with other artists." -LS.
     Films will include: Pacific (3-screen proj.); Maritime; Hello, Aliens (from '94); Dreamhouses (temporary residence); Kazimierz; Side Blindess (video); The Loop (out-of-phase); and ReLapse by Sieczek PLUS an early film by Hollis Frampton and Malcolm LeGrice's Berlin Horse.

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Film-Makers' Cooperative, the RBMC presents the first of several planned summer benefit screenings. The evening will feature rarely seen and fantastically cool music-themed films from the vast FMC collection. Several feature specially recorded and otherwise unavailable performances, so look for your favorite obscure (or not so obscure) group. Added incentives include libations and a reprise of the (very successful) FMC raffle. The prizes will be at least as good as the last time, so don't miss out. Films to include: Roadfilm by Standish Lawder (w/ the Beatles), Black Coffee by Heather McAdams, Start Day Song by Michael Quinn, Rockflow by Bob Cowan (w/ the Chambers Brothers), Fugs by Ed English (w/ the Fugs Jug Band), Dancin' Monkey by Nat Zeller (w/ the Banana Boys), China Cat Sunflower by Jud Yalkut (w/ the Grateful Dead), Beatles Electronique by Jud Yalkut (sound by Paik), US Down by the Riverside by Jud Yalkut (w/ the Beatles) and Spaceways by Ed English (w/ Sun Ra). Please note: special $10 benefit admission price! Well worth the money!

First, Santa Monica-based PixelVision maker and curator Gerry Fialka presents PXL THIS 10!, the most recent installment in a decade-long showcase devoted to the toy video camera we know and love. This program of festival highlights recently screened at Vancouver's brilliant THE BLINDING LIGHT!, whose impresario Alex MacKenzie does a rundown: "Lee 'Sonic Youth' Ranaldo’s Book of Dreams: a Trip through Kerouac's Lowell, ten year-old Brady’s Dancing Dog, a floppy-eared fandango rendering self-reflexive hilarity; Jeff Shepherd’s Cyber Spaced takes us deep into the heart of one lonely guy and the computer woman he meets; Alfred Shoots Adolf is photographer Alfred Benjamin’s story of what happened to him at the age of 18 in Germany (1934) when he looked at the enemy staring back at him through his camera lens. Songman Mark Hecht bellows a maniac love song with passion in Thinking of You; Eli Elliott’s Push Butt takes on hand dryer corporations by culture jamming in and out of american restrooms. PLUS the hilarious Ghost Story by Joe Frese, Mark Hejnar’s startling shorts, and many many more!"

In the second half of tonight's program the RBMC presents films by Taiwanese small-gauge enthusiast and scholar Tony Wu, visiting by way of Bard College. For his "Intimacy" series, Wu contact-printed pre-existing filmstrips (R8, S8 and 16mm) onto Super-8 film. Once, one film strip briefly kissed the other before pulling away, leaving a record in its absence. In other films Wu further explores the technological peculiarities of 8mm film, from slitting to flicker and more. Tonight's program will include: Intimacy (1998, 3m.), More Intimacy (1999, m.), During Chaos... (1999, 9m.) More Intimacy 2 (1999, 8 m.), Cemetery 6 (1999, 10m.) and Go Home Movie (1999, 11m.)

All programs on Tuesdays at 9pm at Collective Unconscious, 145 Ludlow St. NYC $5 Admission

All programs on Tuesdays at 9:30pm at Collective Unconscious, 145 Ludlow St.,NYC. $5 Admission

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