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6 November - There's a Know-Nothing in my Whig Porridge, or The Poll Tax Follies Redux
Election day has rolled around again, and in the hallowed tradition of all fringe candidates, we're gathering to blow raspberries at whoever wins. Drop into the RBMC and ignore the election returns. We've got an evening of all-political films, with a special emphasis on unfairly maligned, unjustly forgotten and just plain bull-headed political almost-leaders in the great American tradition of willful iconoclasm. Watch a parade of inaugurations, Bill Bradley as a New York Knick, FDR's fantastic WWII-era animation Hell Bent For Election, Betty Boop for President, LBJ's State of the Union Address as he commits to Vietnam,the short-lived McKinley and much more. Surprises guaranteed!

13 November - Subversive Animation
One of the RBMC's favorite film collectors, Dennis Nyback, presents a program of the most unlikely cartoons you've ever seen. The program will include: Bring Out the Gypsy In Me 1933 WB (pro-commie), The Clean Pastures 1936 WB (old time religion don't work); Betty Boop for President 1933 Fleischer (Screw the two party system - trust us, you'll want to see it again!); Mickey's Whoopee Party 1932 Disney (what prohibition?); Hobo Gadget Band 1940 WB (why work?); The Sunshine Makers 1935 Van Buren (drugs can make you happy); Dizzy Red Riding Hood 1931 Fleischer (bestiality?); The Screw Driver 1942 Lantz (off the police); Snow White 1933 Fleischer (revolt against royalty); Bimbo's Initiation 1931 Fleischer (existenalism anyone?).

20 November - Total Mobile Home vs. Bobby Beck
Tonight, for the first time ever, San Francisco's Total Mobile Home MicroCinema visits NYC Total Mobil Home, landing in the home of its prodigal son. The smallest movie theater ever, and the only literally "underground" venue we know of, TMHMC was the number-one inspiration of the RBMC. Tonight, its founders Rebecca Barten and David Sherman are here to teach a master-class in film screening. It's not to be missed. They'll be showing their own brand-new films and digital videos, including Sherman's The Silver Returns & To Re-edit the World and Barten's Bob and Bunuel & Scents of Direction, as well as rare films and videos by Sidney Peterson, George Kuchar, Luther Price and Stuart Sherman from the TMHMC archive.

27 November - Potlatch!
This is what Thanksgiving is all about. RBMC regular Keith Sanborn presents the NYC premiere of his translation of Situationist Rene Vienet's film Girls of Kamare. The "sequel" to his Can Dialectics Break Bricks?, Girls... continues in the What's Up Tiger Lily? tradition, transforming a trashy Japanese porno (A Pair of Panties for Summer) into a crypto-Marxist sendup of imperial France. Proof-positive that humor is the best prophylactic!


All programs on Tuesdays at 9pm at Collective Unconscious, 145 Ludlow St. NYC $5 Admission


All programs on Tuesdays at 8:30pm at Collective Unconscious, 145 Ludlow St.,NYC. $5 Admission

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- Don't miss MIX, the 15th NY Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film Festival from November 14 -18 at Anthology Film Archives.


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