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January 2002

8 January - THINGS TO COME...
Well, we're a year late for the millennium, but its par for the course, really. To ring in the new year the RBMC presents William Cameron Menzies film of H.G. Wells's Things to Come (1936, 100m.), one of the craziest and most prescient science-fiction films ever. Not only did it predict WWII (albeit at a slightly long 30 years...?) but the producers tapped Moholy-Nagy for lighting design (supposedly they scrapped his work, but what turns up is suspiciously similar...) With a thumbs-up from Professor Michelson, you know it's worth the price of admission... "Rest enough for the individual man -- too much, and too soon -- and we call it death. But for Man, no rest and no ending. He must go on, conquest beyond conquest. First this little planet with its winds and ways, and then all the laws of mind and matter that restrain him. Then the planets about him and at last out across immensity to the stars. And when he has conquered all the deeps of space and all the mysteries of time, still he will be beginning."

15 January - Reflections on Warren Sonbert
Tonight, Jeff Scher presents a tribute to the late Warren Sonbert. Scher was a close friend of Sonbert's, and so can put it best in his own words: "Warren Sonbert made 18 experimental films before his death from AIDS in 1995. Seeing his films are some of my most cherished film going experiences ... Warren did with a Bolex what I hope the next generation does with digital cinematography. Life is the ultimate palette of the artist and the time and moments of life that can be honestly and poetically captured are the richest raw material one could imagine ... Warren Sonbert's films are not available on video, which is just as well because it's important to see them on a screen as they were intended. In conjunction with this article I've arranged a show of two early films, Amphetamine and Hall of Mirrors, and two late films, Friendly Witness and the posthumously completed Whiplash." - JS in Shout, December 2001.

22 January - Mr. McClure's Neighborhood
"To the curators, Bradley Eros & Brian Frye; Two years ago at Robert Beck I autocurated a show of recent films by drawing them from a plastic bag. Since that time I have launched into another curatorial methodology involving matricies of screening possibilities. Although a matrix seems like a very careless and insensitive place to choose from I have learned otherwise. After all, matrix, was derived from a Latin word meaning the womb or a public register. In any case, a matrix is something within which, or within which and from which, something originates, takes form, or develops. From a rectangular arrangement of symbols to the screen births seen as light lengths, widths and heights, I propose to autocurate in public and await enjoyments." - Bruce McClure, December 13, 2001.

29 January - One After The Other: Five Videos with Children
Finally, the RBMC has the special pleasure of presenting five of Sarah Hanssen's charming studies of childhood and its peculiar logic. Ethnography in the wilds of greenest Brooklyn, One After The Other... (2001, 59 minutes, miniDV) consists of: Nature Walk (in which a little girl discovers the world in a single city block), That's Me (answering machine meets toddler), I Doing, What Needs Pull, and What Is Me. "Poets without being artists, children sometimes fix their attention on an object to the point where their concentration makes it grow larger, grow so much it completely occupies their visual field, assumes a mysterious aspect, and loses all relation to its purpose. Or they repeat a word endlessly, so often it divests itself of meaning and becomes a poignant and pointless sound that makes them cry." - Louis Aragon, "On Decor." The videos are likely to be followed by surprises TBA.

All programs on Tuesdays at 9pm
at Collective Unconscious
145 Ludlow St., NYC

$5 Admission


All programs on Tuesdays at 8:30pm at Collective Unconscious, 145 Ludlow St.,NYC. $5 Admission

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