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  RBMC Calendar - May 2002

7 May

A night of mongrel music, the interbreeding of diverse cinematic strains of mutant metallica, maverick mind games, the metamorphosis of Marilyn Monroe, Mongolian moneymakers, Elvis m-personator (midwestern karaoke mania), mumbling monkeys, mumbo jumbo, Mogull film madness, the mongoloid of Monte Carlo, plus the morphine monologue of Tamoka, I Think with Monsieur Ian Caskey, MMD, the Monstrous Mons Veneris of Mondo Cane.

14 May
Visit the RBMC tonight to fete the fouth anniversary of the commemoration of our serviceman saint, Mr. Beck. Yes, indeed, this night we mark the fourth anniversary of our weekly masses in honor of the patron saint of forgotten movies, the providentially addled Saint Beck. In observance of this joyous event, we ask that you our loyal congregation assist us by bringing an amateur film of your choosing to screen in a collective celebration. Let the spirit of Mr. Beck guide your selection of the film you wish to contribute, but be aware that he has advised us of his preference for home movies (or films that look like home movies) under 10 minutes in length. He especially appreciates camera rolls. We will begin the evening with several very recent acqusitions from the RBMC collection, which you will not want to miss (stunningly beautiful 8mm b/w shot in 1940s Virginia, including a nighttime, torchlit cave expedition). Feel free to contact us with any questions. ( or

21 May
Tonight the RBMC is pleased to host the brand-new single-channel, feature version of Leslie Thornton's brilliant Peggy & Fred in Hell (1984-2002). We've always admired the many iterations of this fantastic work-in-progress, and are honored to present it in its final version. A post-modern saga of two isolated children coming to terms with a semi-familiar world, delivered to them via television, Peggy & Fred in Hell turns the movies inside out. If any movie staked out its own genre in the last twenty years, this one is it.

28 May
The RBMC has always encouraged live sound film events. But tonight's program with filmmakers Grahame Weinbren and Roberta Friedman and composer Jim Fulkerson remains a first. As Grahame puts it, "In the early 80s, Fulkerson and I put together a program called 'Works for Film and Trombone' that toured internationally. Fulkerson lives in Holland now, but is coming to the USA in May for some concerts... These are films made by Roberta Friedman and myself between 1975 and 1983 in New York and some collaborative works with Fulkerson as composer. We will also put together some new pieces for the occasion, and Jim will perform live on trombone."


Time & Place
All programs on
Tuesdays at 8:30pm,
Collective Unconscious
145 Ludlow Street, NYC

$5 Admission

The Robert Beck Memorial Cinema
123 Essex St., Box 53
NYC, 10002

Bradley Eros
123 Essex St., Box 53
NYC, 10002
(718) 486-6281


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