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  Brian Frye of the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema Presents SUNSET IN THE CITY OF GOD
Let us assume that film is to duration as architecture is to extension, the dreamer of the former analogous to the peripatetic of the latter. At the intersection of these forms we discover a curiously complimentary pair: the landscape film and the garden. A dreamed landscape versus the landscape of a dream, each realizes the irrational extremes of its medium. The landscape film reduces events to pure duration; the space of the garden is both open and enclosed. If they appear self-contradictory, we must remember that they serve many masters, each fashioning a Truth according to its needs. While the dimensions of our world are well definded, we perceive them as indefinite, features blurring off toward the horizon. Duration, of which our lives are the first expression, neither recognizes our presence nor concerns itself with our chronology. In the intersection of the two, we might discover some intimation of the terrible sublime at the moment when the Garden knows death, the unspoken name of Time.

OPUS 53 - Eric Anderson (16mm, b/w, silent, 3m.)
UR-HAUS - Francois Boue (Super-8, color, sound on tape, 8m.)
FLOWERS or THE WHITE ROSE - Stanley Swantz (R8mm, b/w, silent, 3m.)
ATHENS - Luke Sieczek (Super-8, b/w, silent, 3 m.)
TWELVE - Astria Suparak (16mm, color, silent, 3m.)
THE CIRCLE I - James Fotopoulos (16m, b/w, silent, 8m.)
DAME PERE - Bradley Eros (Super-8, color, sound on tape, 3m.)
TANGIERS - Kodak (16mm, b/w, silent, 3m.@ 16fps)
CARGO OF LURE - J. Hoberman (16mm, color, silent, 12 m. @ 16fps)
SCENIC TOUR OF BROWNSVILLE SLUM, 1968 - Mike Olshan (16mm, b/w, silent, 3m.)
HELD IN CUSTODY, BUT NOT ARRESTED - Bruce McClure (16mm, color, silent, 3m.)
CEMETARY - Paul Bollaro (R8mm, color, silent, 3m.)
MINNESOTA LANDSCAPE - Steve Polta (16mm, color, silent, 10m. @ 16fps)
LACHRYMAE - Brian Frye (16mm, color, silent, 3m. @ 16fps)

A panel discussion will follow the screening.

Contact: Brian Frye/The Robert Beck Memorial Cinema Cooper Station Box 499 NYC 10276-0499 718-706-6697


Sunday, April 1st at 1:00pm at

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 112 S. Michigan.
Screening Room 1311

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