4 April -
Squaring the Circle (Circling the Square)

Legendary Japanese experimental filmmaker Takahiko Iimura presents his 1982 film performance Circle and Square: "When I first performed [Circle and Square] at Millenium in 1982. I used two projectors set far apart. A loop film was hung between them, threaded through one of the projectors. I stood in the middle with a hole punch, punching circular holes in the film (as many as possible) which were projected on the wall. On another wall a square frame was projected without film. Now, for the RBMC theater, I will use only one projector and will do the same performance. The difference is that at Millenium Circle and Square happened simultaneously on both walls, but at the RBMC, it will happen only before and after with one projector. You will see this with a surprise if you come..." - Taka Iimura. Followed by Iimura's film 1 to 60 Seconds (1973).

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11 April -
Compass and Sextant 

Filmmaker Lynne Sachs travels all the way from Baltimore, MD to show films and tapes both new and old. She'll be showing Which Way is East?, a sensitive, personal document of her experience of East Asia and how she made sense of it, as well as A Biography of Lilith and Window Work. Last in NYC for a show at the Whitney Museum, Lynne informs me that she'll be showing some videos and audio collages here for the very first time; be on the tip, hey? 

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18 April -

Steven Parr of Oddball Film + Video (SF)

presents an illustrated lecture on his philosophy of the cinema and its leftovers. Accompanied by a program of bizarro, unlikely-to-be-seen-again movies from his protean collection. Not to be missed.

see the full program at Oddball Film!

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25 April -
Mr. Death Redux 

Our favorite New York personality, Nick Zedd, returns to the RBMC with a selection of scabrous films and tapes to "put on a show," as it were. This "illustrated history" of trangressive cinema is likely to include titles like: XXX TRIPPING, Incident In Grunewald (Otmar Bauer), PULSIONS SCOPIQUES (Yves Pierog), FEMMINIST FATALES (Mohawk Beaver), PUKE MAN, SMILING FACES TELL LIES (Nick Zedd), DEATH NURSE 2000, HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED (Manuel DeLanda), films by STEFAN HARSHMAN, WORM MOVIE (Lung Leg), T,V. MINISTRY (Mark Hejnar), HELZAPOPPIN (Gray Miller), FABULOUS DISASTER (Scott Free), NATURAL BORN KILLERS rip-off footage (Oliver Stone/Nick Zedd). Mr. Zedd will be accompanied by his backing band, the Zyklon Beatles review (TBA)

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All programs begin at 9pm (or thereabouts) on Tuesdays at Collective Unconscious,145 Ludlow St., NYC
$5 admission
Brian Frye 
Cooper Station, Box 499, NYC 10276-0499
718-622-5360  fryekino@redconnect.net

Bradley Eros
115 Essex St. #53 
NYC 10003